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Welcome to the OPOLUS Self-Check

Would you like to find out where you have real valuable potential to improve your company and therefore optimize you profits? And would you like to structure your development more goal- and success oriented?


Then just try the OPOLUS Self-Check!

The OPOLUS Self-Check considers five success factor areas:

Strategy and Leadership Consulting

How is the company managed?


How is the behaviour and relationship with customers?


How are the employees treated?


How are the processes lived and implemented?


How far has digitization progressed?

Where is your company today and what are the next sensible steps?


We accompany you in your transformation, which typically starts with a check-up:

1. Check - Where is your company today?

2. Awareness - How exactly does a transformation works?

3. Adoption - What measures are necessary to realize the change in your company?


In each of the five areas above, there are seven fields of action, each with six statements. These describe different situations in a company. You would just have to go through the fields of action from left to right and put an x in the blue box that best reflects your company.

If you like to do the OPOLUS Self-Check and evaluate the status of your company, just fill out the contact form below in order to get a free rough insight.

If you like to order the full version to realize a full analysis and evaluation of your company or division, just fill out the contact form below to get an invoice about CHF 750.-. After the payment we will send you the OPOLUS Self-Check immediately by e-mail.

Important, if you start to work with OPOLUS solutions, the costs for the Self-Check will be deducted from the first invoice you get.

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